Jaws Reel Covers

This is Jaws Custom's light-weight, scratch-resistant, high-grade O.K. Neoprene Reel Cover with an aluminum Lure/Hook Keeper.



  • Brand: Jaws
  • S: Highs=2-1/2”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=8”, Total Length=11-1/4"
  • MN: Highs=3-1/4”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=8-1/2”, Total Length=12".
  • M: Highs=3-1/4”, Width=3-3/4”, Strap Length=9”, Total Length=13-1/4"
  • LNN: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=3-1/4”, Strap Length=9-1/2”, Total Length=12-1/4"
  • LN: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=3-3/4”, Strap Length=9-1/2”, Total Length=13-3/4"
  • L: Highs=3-1/2”, Width=4-1/2”, Strap Length=11-1/2”, Total Length=16-1/4"
  • XL: Hights=4", Width=5", Strap Length=11-1/2", Total Length=16-1/2"
  • XL-T: Hights=5", Width=5-1/4", Strap Length=12-1/4", Total Length=18"
  • XXL: Hights=6", Width=5-3/4", Strap Length=14-1/2", Total Length=20-3/4"

Available Colors:

  • Size S to L - Black. Blue. Green. Red. 
  • Size XL, XL-T, and XXL - Black.