Ultimate Jigging 40mm Reel Knob

The Ultimate Jigging 40mm Reel Knob is well crafted from solid 6061-T6 aluminum stock with type two anodized and a two-tone color. It is very stylish and light-weight.


This Ultimate Jigging 40mm Power Knob Package with one Silver Cup which has 3 different Types (NS, S and D) is suitable for the following:

  • NS Cup fits on Shimano's newest Size '08+ Models: Stella 5000-20000, Saragosa 5000~10000SW, Twinpower Reel, New Trinidad A Series 8-30, Talica 8-12 and TranX 500 Reels
  • S Cup fits on Shimano's old versions of Stella, Twinpower, Calcutta 400–700, and Trinidad (including A series) 12–30 Reels.
  • D Cup fits on most mid-size Daiwa reels and Shimano's new 2014 AERO Technium XS-C 10000 Surf Reel.


  • Brand: Ultimate Jigging
  • Length: 53mm.
  • Dia: 40mm.
  • Weight: 36g/1.3oz.

Each 40mm Knob Package includes: one 40mm Knob, the Instruction Paper, and one Silver Cup (NS or S or D).

  • Available Colors: Black/Gold. Blue/Silver. Gold/Silver. Gunmetal/Gold. Gunmetal/Silver. Pale Gold/Silver. Red/Silver. Silver/Gold.