Ultimate Jigging T Bar 092 Handle Knob

Ultimate Jigging Aluminum T-Bar T092 Handle Knob is specially designed for Butterfly jigging style fishing and other fishing styles. It's made by the same manufacturer that makes aluminum products for the well-known Butterfly Jigging brand.


Suitable Reels for T Bar 092 Handle Knob:

  • Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000~5000P, 2004 SW Stella 10000-20000 FA. (Shaft-S).
  • Shimano 2013+ Saragosa SW 5000–25000, 2011+ Twinpower SW 8000–12000, 2008+ Stella SW 5000–20000 Spinning Reels, Tranx 500. (Shaft-NS)
  • 2008 Shimano SW Twinpower 4000–12000 (Shaft-NS)
  • Shimano's new Talica 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 single speed and two-speed reels (Shaft-NS) Talica 50 handle knob that is riveted to the arm and not removable. If you would like to install on 50's Talica, drilling work will be needed.
  • Shimano's new Torsa 16N, 16, 20, 30 reels. (Shaft-NS)
  • Shimano Saragosa 18000F reel (Shaft-S)
  • Daiwa Saltiga-Z 20-40 (Shaft-D). And Directly change for Daiwa Catalog with Label 「L」
  • Daiwa Saltiga-Z4000–6500 spinning reels. Catalina (Japan) 4000–4500, Seaborg series electrical reels. (Shaft-D)
  • Daiwa Saltiga/Saltist SA15-50, STTLD20-50, STTLW20-50. (Shaft-D)


  • Brand: Ultimate Jigging
  • Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum stock.
  • Length: 98 mm Gradient: 14 degrees, made of anti-rust stainless steel.
  • S, NS, and D type Stainless shaft housings have a water proof O-Ring to prevent saltwater from getting into your knob bearing.
  • Tilted T-Bar knob.
  • Designed holes reduce weight, add a unique look, and offer a comfortable grip for anglers.
  • Beautiful twice-anodic appearance.
  • Available Colors: Black/Gold. Blue/Silver. Gold/Silver. Gunmetal/Gold. Gunmetal/Silver. Pale Gold/Silver. Red/Silver. Silver/Gold.